Hello Everybody,

My Name is pdonut and I have an idea that (if works) will be the best faction event in the history of the Catchy-craft. If you do not mind to read all of the following post You will not regret it!


So a lot of people love the world cup right? And doesn't everyone love PvP and events? I have decided to take the ideas and mash them together. We are going to be taking the best factions from each server (the ones who sign up) And pit them against each other in a seeded tournament. No one will have a great advantage on others (No MCMMO ADVANTAGE) so there will be an arena in each faction server that will see who is the best of the best in pvp. The highest seeds will receive a small portion of time to research the map they will be playing on so that they will have a little bit of an advantage over the other team because They deserve it they are the higher seed. Seeds will be determined by the spokesperson of each server. This tournament will be teams of 5 per faction in kit start of the server that they are expected to play upon. 


Teams will be selected based upon their popularity and drive on the server. Basically the spokesperson will see who applies and will choose the best representatives of their server. We want people who can comply with the rules of the tournament (remember you are the ambassador to your server). We also want to have the best too see who has the best pvpers on catchy-craft


After teams have been selected the counsel of representatives will speak about the seedings. Lets say a team signed up and is obviously the best of the server. They are going to be getting the #1 seed and be getting the most advantage throughout the tournament. After seedings have been selected the brackets will be made.


The brackets will work based off of the previous seedings. The higher seeds will be given a better advantage based upon the seedings. #1 seed will play the lowest seed. This will be a 2 bracket tournament holding 12 teams per bracket and the bracket will be mixed and the best results from the first match will receive a bye round. Results like Most Alive most won will be taken into consideration. The best results will recieve the buy when 3 teams remain in the bracket. Then after the winners of the mixed brackets are decided they fight for the winner of it all


This event will be held in kit start of the server you are placed upon. The arena will be decided when matches are assigned. 


This arena will be custom built on every faction server for this event.


Captain of the faction: (leader)
Name of Faction:
Name of Players participating:
Why we should select you:

End note:

This event will be great if the idea works. I attempted to do something like this in march but it did not work out. So if you guys would like to support the event please apply for it. If you wish to record go ahead and do it. It will probably be the intro to my faction series on  Thanks again for applying.

Hello minecrafters!

As most of you should already know, monthly voting ends on the 30th of April! Vote daily to become one of the top voters before the month ends! 

If you don't know already, the top voter receives $25 to spend at our online shop(aka donation shop.) The second top voter receives $20, while the third top voter receives $15.

To vote, simply click "Vote" up above and you will be given a list of webs.


Catchy Craft Network!

[Owner] joelly019 aOWNER posted Mar 30, 14
Catchy Craft Network
Currently running 1.7.4!

Welcome! We are a new community driven by PvP. We feel that is important to listen to what the every single players want! Feedback is our number one goal! With your Feedback, we improve the network daily! Our community is full of great custom plugins, and exciting gamemodes! The CCN thrives to bring you the best playing experience to each and every player!

Unique users joining for the 1st time will spawn in the Hub server. From here, you can select the kind of game style you wish to play!

Factions Server:
*Auction System!
*Much Much More!

MiniGames Server:
*Capture The Flag!
*BlockHunt! (Hide and Go Seek!)
*Much Much More!

SkyBlock/SkyWars Server:
*/Shop command to view in-game shop!
*Custom Maps!
*/G to talk globally!
*Much Much More!

Creative Server:
*Creative Plots!
*Build Contests!
*Medals and Rewards!
*Much Much More!
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